There’s good news and bad news. Good news: it’s the same 26 letters. Bad news: they’re pronounced differently and some can have accents. With a little practice, it won’t be too hard.

Okay, I’m going to divide this up into three columns: the letter, pronunciation, and the spelling. The spelling might be the most difficult for beginners to understand. For example: the letter h. H is the name but that’s not the same as the sound “h” makes. Same idea in French.

Note: The pronunciation sounds are using the English alphabet.

Letter: Pronunciation: Spelling:

A                                 ah                                          a

B                                 bay                                        bé

C                                 say                                        cé

D                                 day                                        dé

E                                 euh                                         e

F                                 ef                                            effe

G                                zjheh (English j)                     gé

H                               ahsh                                         hashe

I                                 ee                                             i

J                                 zjee (English g)                       ji

K                                kah                                         ka

L                                elle                                         elle

M                               em                                         emme

N                                en                                          enne

O                                oh                                             o

P                                pay                                         pé

Q                               ku (coo)                                  ku

R                               ehrr                                        erre

S                               ess                                         esse

T                               tay                                          té

U                              oo                                           u

V                              vay                                         vé

W                             dooble-vay                        double-vé

X                              eeks                                       ixe

Y                              ee-grek                                i grec

Z                              zehd                                      zède

That’s it! That’s the French alphabet or l’alphabet français.

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